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HR Glossary

Enhance your vocabulary with our HR glossary. Learn about the most commonly used HR terms, abbreviations, jargon, and acronyms.​


Stop relying on manual calculations and use automated tools to calculate employee salaries, taxes, and reimbursements.

Employment Guide

Know the basics of starting a business, hiring employees, unemployment, layoffs, and job applications in different countries and regions.

Why you should use the pre-made templates?

Easy to use​

Saves time

Smooth onboarding

Hire best talent


Use these ready-to-use creative job descriptions for various roles and stand out from the crowd.

Interview Questions

Ask relevant questions and make an informed hiring decision with interview questions framed by our hiring experts. 

HR Emails

Use these readymade creative email templates and ease the burden on your HR professionals 

OKR Templates

Take reference from our ready-to-use OKR templates and set specific and ambitious OKRs for your team. 

Company Policies

Drafting company policies is hectic. Not anymore, use these sample policies and relax a bit!

Onboarding Checklist

Your new joiners will not be ready until you’re ready. Be ready by checking all the boxes in your employee onboarding checklist. 


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